Baseball Is Back: MLB Players Association Agrees to Report to Training Camps July 1

Detroit Tigers Spring Workout
Detroit Tigers Spring Workout / Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

The Major League Baseball Players Association has agreed to the league's request that its members report to training camps by July 1. The 2020 season will consist of 60 games and the two sides are currently finalizing the health and safety protocols. But the bottom line is that baseball is back and will be played this season.

This has been a long time coming. The two sides have been negotiating a decision on the season for weeks to no avail, so the players union finally gave up and asked the owners to just tell them when and where to report. That came Monday and the players agreed to it on Tuesday.

Look, this has been a mess from the jump. Major League Baseball took a terrible situation -- a global pandemic -- and made it much worse. Labor relations are all but broken and the two sides were already headed for a contentious battle on the next collective bargaining agreement in 2021. Things couldn't be worse. But at least we'll get a 2020 season.

The 60-game season will be a sprint to the finish as those 60 games will be played in 66 days and. There will be a universal designated hitter and some rule tweaks that aren't entirely clear yet. Jon Heyman says there will be a runner on second base to start extra innings:

This won't be MLB as we're used to but, guess what? We'll get a season. That's something.