Barry Sanders Having Some Trouble on LinkedIn

Nic Antaya/GettyImages

Barry Sanders' shocking retirement from the NFL — and more specifically the gooey mess that is the Detroit Lions — remains one of the most formative moments of my life because what could have possibly been more painful at the time? But in the years that have passed, the greatest running back to ever do it has reconciled with the team and become a regular presence at games. Which is great because he, more than pretty much anyone else, deserves to ride this wave of success wherever it leads.

He remains a fan favorite and will be forever, so he's probably getting a ton of help with his latest problem. Which is being suspended by LinkedIn because they don't believe it's the real Barry Sanders. Especially because he's incentives the helpers with the opportunity to win a card.

Definitely wasn't thinking about it until now but I have to see what Barry Sanders' LinkedIn looks like. That "rushed for 2,053 yards in 1997" bullet point has to really pop. And maybe he's proficient in Excel. There's no telling how many skills he picked up with all that free time in his thirties.