Barry Larkin, and Only Barry Larkin, Has Been Inducted Into the Hall of Fame


Jeff Bagwell and his explosive goatee have been shunned for now (56%), as has Jack Morris, who was entering his 13th year on the ballot. Morris did get closer this year (67%) so he’s got a good chance at getting in next year. If not, it’s in the hands of the hilarious Veteran’s Committee, a team of writers and executives who specialize in sympathy. Yes, that’s how this lovely process works. Honestly, after learning Morris pitched an astounding 293.2 innings in 1983 to go along with 20 complete games, I’m confused as to why he wasn’t inducted following that season.

As for Larkin, he played wonderful defense for 19 seasons in Cincinnati and finished with a career OPS of .815, but most of us will point to the nine Silver Sluggers sitting atop his mantel as the hypnotizing nugget that swayed voters in his favor.

If you listened to some of the explanation on the MLB Network from Ken Rosensquirrel, Tom Verducci, Peter Gammons and Jon Heyman, you now have a profound understanding that it’s next to impossible to understand the philosophy that goes into the voting process. Perfect example comes from Gammons, who stated that he has voted for Jack Morris three times, however this year he did not. You may now light your eyelashes on fire.

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