Horse Trainer Barclay Tagg Confused Why 'Rioters' Can Shoot People But Can't Be Shot At

Barclay Tagg
Barclay Tagg / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The social justice movement permeating the sports world over the last week means that everybody and anybody will be asked for their thoughts on the current state of the country. This extends to even horse trainers. Barclay Tagg, trainer for 2020 Belmont Stakes winner and Kentucky Derby hopeful Tiz the Law, was asked about the protests currently taking place across the country following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Tagg didn't have much to offer on the subject, except to say that, to him, it seems like rioters can shoot at anybody but can't be shot at.

It's not entirely clear what he's referring to here. If he's talking about Kyle Rittenhouse, who was charged with first-degree murder after shooting two people during the Kenosha protests last week, then yes, it is confusing that he can shoot two people but walked away untouched by police and managed to get across state lines before being arrested.

Tagg could also be referring to the shooting during Portland protests this weekend, in which Aaron J. Danielson was shot and killed during what CNN describes as a clash between Trump supporters and protesters against racism and police brutality.

The 82-year-old Tagg has been in the horse racing world for over 40 years. He won his first race in 1971 and will attempt to complete the second leg of the Triple Crown during the 2020 Kentucky Derby this weekend.