Bam Adebayo Sets Crushing Illegal Screen Playing Pickup With Donovan Mitchell

Bam Adebayo and the Illegal Screen Game
Bam Adebayo and the Illegal Screen Game /

Beware, reader, before you go further-- I am going to use this space to air a personal grievance about Bam Adebayo that will garner little empathy and probably not much sympathy, either.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I present to you a viral video going around of Bam Adebayo playing pickup with Donovan Mitchell yesterday. This will be noteworthy to the type of Miami Heat fans who are convinced Pat Riley is a wizard and will be able to bring Mitchell over from Utah in exchange for Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, and a bunch of bad draft picks.

The reason I bring it to your attention is Adebayo's comical illegal screen.

As an aside, I'm almost positive that is not an actual child and merely a small man. If it is a child, that changes the tenor of the situation drastically.

It's pickup so who cares if Adebayo more closely resembled the starting left guard for the Miami Dolphins, but Adebayo basically does this in real NBA games! He took the crown of king of the moving screen in the playoffs this past season.

Case in point:

Yes, I am a Celtics fan who watched seven games of this back in May. Yes, I am still a touch salty about it.

It's all about gamesmanship when the postseason comes along and if the refs aren't going to call it, then he may as well set screens that range from the paint to the three-point line. But it won't be long before what Adebayo's pickup screen resembles his NBA screens!