Bam Adebayo Got Super Mad With Someone Immediately After Winning Game 2


Bam Adebayo was a crucial part of the Miami Heat's shocking victory in Game 2 to level up the NBA Finals heading into South Beach. He crashed the boards. He found his teammates who were extremely hot from behind the arc. He made crucial free throws. He embodied Heat culture.

It was a spectacular display from Erik Spoelstra's side that will probably surprise more than a few people who went to bed thinking that Denver had this one in hand. There will be great celebration among a fanbase that thrives on being disrespected.

But in the immediate aftermath of a series-leveling victory, Adebayo still had time get quite upset with someone who entered his space on the court.

Now there are some theories about this floating around but none seem solid enough from a reliable enough source to really trust. Seriously, have you tried to piece together a story from Twitter lately? Like Harry Styles sang about, it's not the same as it was.

What's clear is that Adebayo believes that he once told that guy — possibly a media relations person for the team — about something and then that guy seems to have forgotten it. Top marks to the third party who comes in and tries to say it's all his fault but largely gets ignored. That's how it's done.

Also not in the best of moods after an enormous win was Spoelstra, who got agitated as a reporter oversimplifying something even though they prefaced that it was an oversimplification.

I think everyone just needs a good night's sleep and hours of debate shows giving Mike Malone the attention he's been craving in the form of laying out just how thoroughly he was outclassed down the stretch in what could prove to be where the entire Finals turned.