Baltimore Orioles Fan on the Field Quickly Embarrassed By Security

Just a poor, poor effort.


No team in Major League Baseball has won more games this year than the Baltimore Orioles, who currently enjoy a three-game lead in the uber-tough American League East. The fanbase, which has suffered through tough times for many years, is understandably ecstatic about the development and the implication that a stable of young talent could mean they compete for years to come.

There are healthy ways to channel this excitement and then there is what this fan did over the weekend, which is both profoundly stupid and was ultimately met with great karmic justice.

Running out onto the field is always a bad idea, no matter how encouraging voices struggling to get through puberty suggest otherwise. And if you're going to do it, at least get your money's worth. Our main character here showed a shocking lack of urgency and precisely zero field awareness before getting blasted from the side by security that emerged from the outfield like a raptor from the bushes.

All in all, just terrible stuff. Except for the part where the finding out came almost immediately after the f-ing around began.