Baker Mayfield Wants to Come to Your Office and Boo You

Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield / Jason Miller/GettyImages

Baker Mayfield is currently stuck in limbo. The Cleveland Browns traded for Deshaun Watson and gave him a fully guaranteed contract worth $230 million. They did this before trading Mayfield, which leaves team and quarterback in a bit of a bind. Mayfield, obviously, has no intention of coming back to the building since the only way he plays is if the player his team replaced him with is suspended for misconduct off the field. The Browns don't want to ditch Mayfield for nothing but are not going to receive very attractive offers because everybody knows they need to get rid of him.

The Browns are in a prison of their own making and Mayfield is stuck there, too, under no obligation to remain silent throughout. Thus, we find ourselves here today with Mayfield making headlines after appearing on the Ya Neva Know podcast complaining that he felt 100 percent disrespected by the organization.

The dog in the background is arguably more interesting than what Mayfield is saying. We all know the former No. 1 overall pick is a prideful player who thrives off this sort of disrespect and isn't afraid to say it. Not shocking at all that he'd both feel this way and be unafraid to say it publicly.

What's more fun is when Mayfield said he'd love the chance to show up at somebody's place of work and boo the shit out of them at their cubicle for their performance.

I would also like to see this and cordially invite Baker to the TBL virtual offices so he can degrade us verbally all day. Great content.

However, Mayfield would have to pay for this privilege-- just like all the fans in the stands do. They are not booing him at his house (probably, Cleveland fans are a different breed admittedly). They pay top dollar for the right to view and subsequently critique his performance. They are under no obligation to cheer. They pay for the right to choose.

Fans forgot how to behave at games over the course of the pandemic but it does seem athletes forgot what fans are there for, too. If you don't want them booing, shut them up by playing well! It is a time-old adage that will not go away just because athletes have a bigger microphone to tell everybody they don't like it.

Anyway, come watch us work, Baker. We'd love the boos if it comes along with your money.