Browns FB Andy Janovich Gives Bizarre Quote About Baker Mayfield's Toughneess

Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield / Jason Miller/GettyImages

Baker Mayfield's 2021 NFL season did not go as planned. Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns were hoping to build upon a successful 2020 campaign in which they made it back to the playoffs and even won a postseason game. But Mayfield got hurt in Week 2 and the rest of the season went downhill quickly as he tried to play through it, suffered more injuries, and was finally shut down for the year.

Mayfield and the Browns didn't seem on great terms by season's end. It's led to a lot of speculation about whether or not Cleveland would look into moving on from the former No. 1 overall pick if the opportunity presented itself. If they did, the time to make the move would be this offseason as Mayfield is entering the last year of his contract.

NFL reporter Tyler Dunne wrote a profile on Mayfield and the support he still has from within the organization and from those looking in from the outside. In this article, he interviewed Browns fullback Andy Janovich, who gave a very weird analogy to describe how tough Mayfield is. Via Go Long:

“The thing about Baker,” Janovich said, “is he won’t say shit to anyone about anything. You could cut his dick off and he wouldn’t f-----g say shit.”

This is an important appendage, he’s informed.

“But you would never know.”

I mean... Would any man who had that kind of accident proclaim it to the world? It would hurt like hell but I dunno. Seems like something you'd keep to yourself if possible.

Anyway, Mayfield's toughness has never been in question. It was probably that toughness that led to his bad season. He didn't want to get surgery so he gritted his teeth and played through. A testament to his will if anything.