Did Baker Mayfield Actually Shake Richard Sherman's Hand?

Richard Sherman Baker Mayfield Handshake
Richard Sherman Baker Mayfield Handshake /

Sportsmanship is very important to me. When someone doesn't follow the unwritten rules or fights in a manner that disgraces the Duke of Queensberry, my face gets hot and my passion fierce. So I could kind of see where Richard Sherman was coming from being mad that Baker Mayfield didn't shake his hand during coin-toss festivities last night. But new footage has emerged to throw some fuzz into what seemed to be a clear-cut situation.

So did Mayfield did shake Sherman's hand or, at the very least, dap him up before the actual coin was tossed? Afterward he did, in fact, high-tail it out of there without so much a second handshake.

This leads to an interesting question. Does failing to shake hands a second time completely negate a first handshake? What are the rules on this?

Of course, it's worth pointing out that the angle is not great and Mayfield could have completely avoided contact the first time as Sherman suggests. One the other, uh, hand:

Welcome to one of the dumbest controversies of the season. And it's a high bar. Here's Sherman's thoughts on the new developments: