Baker Mayfield Has Grown a Thick New Beard


It’s been an offseason of change for Baker Mayfield, all of which seems to be for the better. He’s got a new best friend to throw the ball to in Odell Beckham, an additional Pro-Bowl teammate on the defensive side of the ball in Olivier Vernon, and it also appears he’s got a thicker, bushier beard than we’ve seen before.

In a thoughtful video Mayfield posted supporting Cleveland sports fan and cancer survivor Josh Herron, Mayfield is seen with a cultivated beard extending beyond the reach of what we’ve seen from him before. He started growing it out during the season, but it’s taken a big step up since then.

Example A: This photo from November.

When it comes to quarterbacks in the NFL, Andrew Luck is the incumbent leader for best beard. Aaron Rodgers gives him a nice run for his money and, if he didn’t have to do so many State Farm commercials, could probably go full Hagrid. But Baker is quickly moving up the rankings and, if he keeps this up, will soon overtake Capt. Andrew Luck in the NFL QB face foliage hierarchy.