Baker Mayfield Has Been Warned That Detroit Lions Fans Are Going to Go Nuts In There

Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Baker Mayfield and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be traveling to play the Detroit Lions this weekend with a spot in the NFC Championship on the line. The plucky quarterback, who should be given all the credit in the world for bouncing back after some career setbacks, has been engaged in a back-and-forth with Lions safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson over some really dumb stuff that I sincerely hope Gardner-Johnson backs up because it is keeping me up at night.

But on to more important things. Like Mayfield saying that he reached out to some of his former Los Angeles Rams teammates after they were bounced by the Lions at Ford Field last Sunday and received a harrowing warning.

“They said it was the loudest thing they’ve ever heard,” Mayfield said. “We’ve got to be completely ready for that. It just comes down to everybody knowing exactly what our game plan is — all the calls to and from, because there could be certain times where they can’t hear certain things. They might have to plug and play some of the words. “Just everybody doing the mental work to get prepped for that. But it shouldn’t be a surprise for us. It’s going to be a great atmosphere.”

Just how loud was the crowd as the Lions won their first playoff game since 1991. Pretty damn loud!

The fans at Ford Field broke the stadium's decibel record last week and made it shake like few NFL stadiums ever have. The decibels maxed out at 133.6 db, which is said to be the fourth loudest reading in recorded NFL history behind the Superdome in 2013, Lumen Field in 2013 and Arrowhead in 2014. All that noise when Detroit's defense was on the field forced the Rams into two timeouts early in the third quarter and ultimately helped the Lions seal the game.

According to the good people over at the Hearing Center of Excellence, that's on par with fireworks or a jet engine. It's as though Lions fans have made the stupid NOISE graphic they show on the scoreboard their entire religion. They've all turned into the guy outside of Richard Brecky's Jellybean shouting that they're going to go nuts in there. And it's very cool.

One could argue the insane crowd forced the Rams to use two second-half timeouts before they wanted to and helped Detroit run out the clock on their final drive. They probably don't even need the homefield advantage against a team they beat by two touchdowns earlier this year in Florida but it's a nice safety net.