Baker Mayfield And Cleveland Radio Host Tony Grossi Airing Out Grievances on Twitter


On social media, Baker Mayfield propped up Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray and took down radio show host Tony Grossi.

Two birds. One tweet.

Grossi said on sports radio that Murray is “more like Johnny [Manziel] than Baker.” Mayfield, who didn’t like the Manziel comparisons he received during the pre-draft process, weighed in on Grossi’s take.

This beef seems to go back to about a year ago when Grossi was comparing Mayfield to Manziel, and was insistent upon questioning Mayfield as an elite quarterback prospect. At the time, MMQB’s Robert Klemko was writing a huge feature on Mayfield ahead of the 2018 NFL Draft. Klemko and Grossi actually duked it out on radio over the Mayfield-Manziel comparison. So far, Klemko appears to have prevailed.

Mayfield, who doesn’t miss much attached to his name on social media, surely knew that Grossi compared him to Manziel. Surely, Mayfield doesn’t appreciate the comparison to this day. (Yes, Mayfield absolutely has a history of holding grudges.)

In this case, Mayfield seems to have the firm moral high ground. And Grossi has his “purposefully vague” promises.