Jade From The Bachelor Winning $1 Million on DraftKings, Being Accused of Cheating is the Most Dramatic Season Yet

Kyle Koster
Jade Roper
Jade Roper / Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Football players are disproportionally represented in The Bachelor universe. Colton Underwood. Jordan Rodgers. Clay Harbor. Tyler Cameron. But none of those big, beefy hunks pulled off a feat quite like the one Jade Roper Tolbert pulled off this weekend: winning $1 million in a DraftKings daily fantasy content.

Jade, who as everyone knows had to reveal her nude modeling to a stoic Chris Soules before eventually finding her soulmate Tanner in Paradise, confirmed that she was the big winner.

DraftKings, obviously happy to have the publicity, was thrilled with the development, tweeting: "@JADELIZROPER WILL YOU ACCEPT THIS ? AS THIS WEEK’S MILLIONAIRE? CONGRATS ON TAKING IT DOWN ?."

That tweet has since been deleted in the wake of a potential cheating scandal rocking this feel-good story to its very core.

Based on some sleuthing from some people who didn't win, it appears the celebrity couple may have worked together to skirt around the pesky 150 entry per person rule.

Collusion is still hot in 2020. It's not just for NFL owners, presidential campaigns, and foreign governments. Now reality stars are allegedly getting down with shady practice.

DraftKings offered a statement this morning that is decidedly more serious and less crossover-content-y.

The first-reaction take here is that people do this type of scheming all the time and, because they aren't famous, don't get caught. But it does appear to be against the spirit, if not the letter, of the law.

As fate would have it, a new season of The Bachelor premieres tonight. All press is good press, baby.

If this whole thing doesn't culminate in a sit-down with Chris Harrison, America will be sorely disappointed. We're talking about pop culture nadir potential here.

The lesson, as always, is to never tweet. Just be quiet, collect the winnings, and go on a fancy vacation while dreaming up a new lifestyle brand or whatever it is these people do.