AUDIO: The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz's "Titanic" Debate Was Bizarre Sports Radio

Kyle Koster

There was no shortage of meaty sports topics for The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz crew to discuss Friday morning. Hours earlier, the Philadelphia 76ers had elevated The Process to a whole new level with a dominating road victory over the Miami Heat.  The NFL Draft was creeping ever-closer. Baker Mayfield’s bare chest was causing controversy. The content hopper overflowed with a rich bounty.

Bucking all convention, the show decided to devote its opening national segment to a free-flowing discussion of the movie Titanic, which left theaters some 20 years ago. This was follow-up on a different Titanic-related segment from Thursday. Pablo Torre, content to spend his time before his new show with Bomani Jones debuts in the least constructive way possible, lent his voice to the fray.

This is madness, right? An argument could be made that this show is the most important of all under the ESPN umbrella right now, and will be moving forward. A complete disregard for convention is nothing new, but the length they’ll go to thumb their nose at normalcy is striking.

Personally, I think the experiment works even if, on paper, it shouldn’t. But there’s surely no shortage of sports radio listeners who are absolutely perplexed when the show does something like this. There’s no doubt in my mind people turned the channel yesterday convinced it wasn’t ESPN.

Slightly exasperating, but possibly brilliant. Or a total waste of time. Depends on the listener.