AUDIO: Radio Host Angry at Matt Harvey and His Girlfriend for Going to a Knicks Game


Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Moronic radio host said something idiotic and inflammatory that made absolutely no sense.

Meet Joe Benigno. Just another blue collar sports fan from New Jersey – basically, what his WFAN colleague Craig Carton desperately tries to be, but can’t pull off – who is a passionate Jets fan and hosts a mid-morning show on the same station as Mike Francesa.

Benigno got angry (shocker!) the other day when injured Mets ace Matt Harvey went to a Knicks game with his “stellar” supermodel girlfriend, Anne V.

And that’s it. That’s why Benigno is angry.

Because a pitcher on his favorite baseball team went to a Knicks game, sat in the front row, and TV cameras focused on them. That, according to Benigno, is unacceptable because Harvey isn’t pitching next year due to Tommy John surgery and it is just too difficult for a fan of the Mets to stomach watching the star pitcher having a good time. I think?

This video (via WFAN Audio) was making the rounds last night when Matt Harvey retweeted someone taking a shot at Benigno. That’s great.

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