AUDIO: Mad Dog Radio Hosts Describe Heated Dinner Shouting Match Between Chris Russo and David Diehl

Ryan Glasspiegel

Chris Russo and David Diehl had a heated confrontation at a restaurant in Minneapolis last night that everybody who listens to this audio from the Morning Men radio show on Russo’s Sirius XM channel can one-thousand percent envision:

According to the narrative discussed by Evan Cohen, Mike Babchik, and Bob Papa, the issue stemmed from Diehl blowing off a spot with Mad Dog Radio midday host Steve Torre. Russo apparently blasted Diehl on the air for this, and Diehl wasn’t happy about that.

As the story goes, Russo offered to clear the air with Diehl, Diehl rebuffed the attempt, and the two started screaming at each other in the middle of the swanky steakhouse. Various prominent NFL figures like Cris Collinsworth and Dan Marino were in the vicinity.

At one point, Diehl listed his credentials of having played in Super Bowls for the Giants, and Russo shouted back that he’s done radio 5.5 hours a day for 30 years. Onlookers legitimately thought they were going to come to blows.

Kudos to Dog for standing his ground and not backing down from a fight that he’d be billion-to-one shot to win.