AUDIO: Blair Walsh Agitated With Media Questions After Misses in OT Loss

Ryan Glasspiegel

Blair Walsh missed an extra point (he’s now missed three this season) and had a field goal blocked (his fourth missed field goal of the year) in today’s overtime loss against the Lions. Dating back to his big miss against Seattle in the playoffs last season, these are starting to pile up.

Walsh, understandably, is frustrated about that, and wore that on his sleeve when he spoke to reporters after the game today (via KFAN):

“They didn’t go in man, you watched it,” Walsh responded to a question about what happened today.

Did the missed extra point feel good?

“Obviously not, it didn’t go in,” he answered. “You guys are gonna ask me this question a million times. Did it feel good? Did I make it? No I didn’t. Do I have to? Yes. Do I want to? Yes. If you’ve got something else, please…”

He later said, “That’s my fault. I need to come through for my team there … It’s not that I’m frustrated with you [the media], it’s just that you guys gotta understand, what do you want the answer to be? I want to be there for my team. Of course I do. But come on. You guys ask the same question every week.”

Walsh is in a tough spot. As he says, what’s he supposed to say? However, demonstrating his frustration publicly like that is probably not his ideal course of action.

By the same token, what are the media supposed to ask him about? He’s overtly struggling, and their job is to try to figure out why. That being said, it’s a chicken or the egg thing, because if he had an answer they wouldn’t be asking the questions.