Atlanta Hawks Using Crying Jordan at Their Own Expense was a Low Point, Even for Team Twitter


The Atlanta Hawks got run out of the gym Wednesday night by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The halftime score was 74-38 and if Adam Silver had any compassion he would have instituted a running clock for the final 24 minutes.

As the bloodbath played out, the Hawks Twitter account put on an equally embarrassing performance.

The Empire and Grey’s Anatomy gifs are one thing. But when a team’s official account repeatedly uses Crying Jordan at their own expense during a playoff game and is praised for it, we need to reconsider where we are at as a sporting society.

Yeah, yeah, I am a joyless and painfully serious miser who is out of touch with our current reality. The Hawks’ Twitter account long ago established its voice and the self-deprecating humor fit the brand.

At the same time, it’s obvious they are trying to reach people with double-digit IQ — or, at the very least, people who could conjure up the ability to enjoy the Crying Jordan face while falling behind 2-0 in a playoff series.

If I were a Hawks fan it would have pissed me off. I bet I’m not alone.

Consider two more points. First, the Hawks have never won anything. The last time they reached the NBA Finals, JFK was in the White House and the franchise was based in St. Louis. Secondly, a major reason why they never capitalized on their talent during their best window was because of Michael Jordan, who delivered more than his fair share of heartache to Hawks supporters.

Anyway, Game 3 should be fun. Maybe the Hawks can throw out a few poop emojis as LeBron James scores 40 or drop an old Home Improvement gif after J.R. Smith sinks a 28-footer.