"Around The Horn" Rocked By Tanking Scandal


Tim Cowlishaw went on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and peeled back the curtain a bit on Around the Horn, a very real game show with a very objective scoring system.

During a discussion on the brutally tough back-to-back losses participants must endure, Patrick asked Cowlishaw why he doesn’t tank.

“Do you think that’s never happened,” Cowlishaw said.

“So you’ve had writers who wanted to get out of the show early perhaps and they tanked on Around the Horn,” Patrick followed up. “Is that what you’re saying?”

“I might have called myself out a few times for past mistakes and that results in a deductions when I needed to go to lunch or somewhere,” Cowlishaw admitted.

Wow. What a bombshell. If we can’t trust the integrity of arbitrary sports roundtable contest, what sacred institutions can we trust? Next thing you know we’re going to find out that the Schwab was only pretending to be stumped and the Dream Job actually existed.

A nation now turns its eyes to Tony Reali to address this issue. Trying times indeed.

UPDATE: ESPN has dug deep and gotten to the bottom of this thing.