Arkansas Law Would Allow Guns at Basketball and Football Games Beginning in 2018


Fans attending Arkansas Razorbacks football and basketball games may be permitted to carry guns into the stadium beginning in 2018 after Gov. Asa Hutchinson approved gun rights measure Wednesday. Under the new law, concealed guns would be allowed at private establishments unless there are posted exceptions.

No schools or universities have chosen to adopt a 2013 law permitting faculty to carry concealed weapons. The new measure goes into effect on Sept. 1.

"A lawmaker whose district includes the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville called the law “horrifying,” and noted it even allows concealed guns at Razorback football games and other sporting events in government-owned facilities. “People like to have a good time before the game, during the game, people get emotional and angry during the game,” Democratic Rep. Greg Leding said. “I think the idea of introducing loaded weapons into those situations is just ridiculous.” "

The AP reports state police will be given until Jan. 2018 to require additional training in addition to the eight hours currently mandated, meaning Razorback football games are unlikely to be impacted in the fall.

[Associated Press]