Ariel Helwani Rips Aaron Rodgers For Taking COVID Advice From Joe Rogan

Ariel Helwani on the Pat McAfee Show
Ariel Helwani on the Pat McAfee Show /

Aaron Rodgers made an absolutely insane appearance on Friday's episode of the Pat McAfee Show. In more than 40 minutes on air, Rodgers revealed he subscribed to nearly every anti-COVID vaccine conspiracy theory. McAfee's next guest was MMA journalist Ariel Helwani, who ripped Rodgers for his stance, and one thing in particular. Rodgers claimed he contacted Joe Rogan to get advice for fighting COVID.

Helwani joined the show in his character as a Buffalo Bills superfan with a luchador mask on. Here's the full segment where he goes after Rodgers:

Rodgers didn't say he consulted with a doctor about how to best treat COVID, instead he contacted a podcaster who regularly reminds his audience that he's a moron. Rogan has repeatedly told people they shouldn't listen to his thoughts on vaccines, etc.

Helwani gets that Rogan isn't someone who actually knows anything about science, so getting his advice is absolutely meaningless. He felt the same way many did about Rodgers' comments and went after the Packers quarterback.