Arianny Celeste's Boyfriend Was Jealous Over Her Appearance In a Deadmau5 Video

By Stephen Douglas

A source who was on set during a recent Deadmau5 music video shoot starring the UFC Octagon Girl tells Hollyscoop that Praveen showed up to the set intoxicated and went off on a jealous rage because he didn’t want her appearing in the video.

Like most things in the news, this reminds of an episode of Entourage. This shows that this dude has a real problem. As a professional hot chick, Arianny has to do things like wear low cut tops in music videos. The fact that he chose to barge onto a Deadmau5 video set instead of say, the gym where they shoot The Ultimate Fighter, at least shows he has a little common sense.

You have to pick your battles and if you’re going to step to someone your girlfriend works with, you should always go after the Canadian DJ with a cat named Professor Meowingtons before a bunch of mixed martial artists. Though, Chandra may have had cause to be jealous about Deadmau5. Just look at that mau5’s eyes. He’s looking right down her blou5.

[via Fightlinker, photo]