Are We Really Questioning Aaron Rodgers Now?


Aaron Rodgers has already been disrespected once this offseason with a 90 overall Madden rating. Now, Bucky Brooks elected to take it a step further by calling one of the greatest football players of all time “overrated.” The headline to be exact:

"“Aaron Rodgers is overrated: Why he’s not a top-five quarterback”"

We all love the occasional hot take, I know I do, but hot takes stating Rodgers isn’t as great as we all think are not accepted. Rodgers is the most skilled quarterback the NFL has ever seen. The only real knock on him is the fact he has only won one Super Bowl. Which if you look closely, is solely the result of Rodgers playing for bad teams year after year.

The Packers have failed to give Rodgers a decent defense since his one Super Bowl victory and waited two years too long to fire a coach that has been out of touch for four years. Under Mike McCarthy, the Packers were a Blackberry in an iPhone league. They were using Redbox when the rest of the NFL was streaming Netflix. They were the most predictable offense in the league under McCarthy.

Rodgers has been the best player in the NFL over the past decade despite playing for mediocre teams. Now, suddenly, after a year he was injured, played with a terrible roster, and his coach finally imploded, he is being questioned.

In all honesty, are there any teams that wouldn’t prefer Rodgers over their quarterback this upcoming season? Tom Brady is past his prime and could never do what Rodgers can do, there is no guarantee Patrick Mahomes will have the same success as last season, Carson Wentz can’t stay healthy, and Russell WilsonAndrew Luck, and Drew Brees are simply not as good. Rodgers has a better arm, is more accurate, throws fewer interceptions, and is better throwing on the move than all of them and now has another chip on his shoulder. That doesn’t exactly add up to just another good player. Or someone who is overrated and just a 90 overall.

The breath of fresh air that is Matt LaFleur could serve as a nightmare for both Brooks and the Madden raters. That and the Packers improved defense will put Rodgers in the best situation he has been in since his Super Bowl victory. Oh, and he still makes plays that no other human has ever made on the football field.

Keep the hot takes coming, but not the bad ones.