Are Cavaliers Players Sending a Message to LeBron or Dan Gilbert?

By Jason McIntyre

The Cavaliers are in a free fall, having lost eight of 10 games, and it’s finally becoming apparent to even the players: These guys can’t win the Title, and they might not even get out of the East.

I’ve been saying this for months, on the radio, and TV and this website, but Cavs fans disagreed, and wanted to see Isaiah Thomas perform, which is fair. It’s only been a handful of games, and he’s going to get healthier and better offensively, but he’s clearly not going to be a difference maker the way Kyrie Irving was. On a team with no trade chips because of an aging roster full of bad contracts, trading Thomas may be the team’s best effort at improving the Cavs.

The real question is who the “prominent” Cavs players were sending a message to with their media pow-wow. LeBron usually sends his cryptically over social media. No need to use the actual media as a middleman.

So were these words coming from another veteran like JR Smith, Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love – someone who has been through these January struggles before, only to rebound and reach the Finals?

If LeBron was involved, then the concerns were clearly directed at owner Dan Gilbert. Do something, please! Deal the Nets pick if you have to so we can contend for a title!

But if LeBron wasn’t involved, you have to wonder – is this the players’ way of saying to King James – you’ve got to let the owner know what you’re going to do. You’re holding the franchise hostage.

My guess is we’re dealing with the latter. LeBron is the leader, but he refuses to let anyone know what his future plans are, and it is a storm cloud that has been hovering over the team all season. It’s only going to get uglier here in the coming months.

I don’t see an end to this because LeBron refuses to chime in on his future. Deep down, he has to know he has no future in Cleveland. Why would he stay?