Are 9-Inch Hands Like Jared Goff's Capable of Holding a Football? A Brief Investigation


After nearly 24 hours of waiting with bated breath, we now know NFL quarterback prospect Jared Goff has 9-inch hands. But if you think that means we’re done investigating what that means, you’re wrong. Dead wrong.


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Especially not after discovering that my own hands are exactly the same size as Goff’s.

Now we can see what an official football looks like when held by someone else’s 9-inch hands, which will provide another meaningful bit of data to add to the thousands of available pictures of Goff in action and, you know, his impressive on-field success.

In the interest of scientific accuracy I should point out that the football used for this experiment has been stored outside for most of the winter and has been lightly chewed up by a mixed-breed dog. The Ideal Gas Law may be in play here.

As you can see, securing a firm grip on the football is possible, given enough time. There were no large defenders bearing down on me as I moved the football into throwing position. In fact, the most difficult part of the procedure was angling my cell phone to prevent glare.

My colleague Jason Lisk will have a broader report later today on hand size and its importance to NFL teams when selecting a quarterback. For now, though, know that Goff’s 9-inch hands can, in fact, hold a football under the right conditions.