Arash Markazi, Who Has Defended Against Chargers' Crowd Criticisms, Learned First-Hand They Might Not Be a Competent Organization

By Jason Lisk

Arash Markazi, ESPN writer located in Los Angeles, has had a love-hate relationship with the Chargers, their move to Los Angeles, and fans from San Diego upset with some of his comments. For example, back in September, he sent this out:

And when that prompted responses, including by SI’s Lee Jenkins, he said:

His recent tweets in regard to the Los Angeles Chargers also include this from Saturday:

And these about the attendance at Chargers’ games:

If they get another sellout, among those will be members of Arash Markazi’s family, who bought tickets but were unable to access them and could not attend the game as a result.

Today, Markazi sent the following out:

Whether this is a Chargers or Ticketmaster issue, it’s a bad look for a place where (a) the stadium is half the size of other NFL venues also dealing with tickets, and (b) where visiting fans seem to constantly outnumber the home team.