Aqib Talib's New Podcast Should Be Pure Entertainment

Aqib Talib.
Aqib Talib. / Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Former All-Pro cornerback Aqib Talib announced his retirement from the NFL today and the start of his career in podcasting in only a way he could: by turning down Bill Belichick.

If you didn't watch the clip, you should. I'll wait. Take your time. It's a great story told by a natural storyteller.

And that's why I can't wait for Talib's "Call to the Booth" podcast. He has stories out the wazoo. Ripping Michael Crabtree's chain off mid-game and fighting Crabtree is only the beginning of Talib's infamous history. He also fought fellow rookie and teammate Cory Boyd at the NFL rookie symposium, shot himself in the leg at a strip club in Dallas, and called out any player he liked whether there was a reason to or not.

While that certainly doesn't paint Talib in the best light, he is the type of person who won't shy away from talking about his past and providing listeners with an unfiltered inside look at what it's like playing in the NFL.

Beyond the cool stories, let's not forget Talib is a five-time Pro Bowler who also won a Super Bowl. He has the pedigree to back up his boisterous nature on podcasts just as he did in the big leagues. Listening to him breakdown quarterbacks or defensive backs in the NFL should provide interesting insight. It could also create some drama with current corners at a position historically known to produce colorful personalities.

Will Jalen Ramsey come after Talib after a comment on his podcast? Will Talib get Crabtree on as a guest for them to battle it out once more? Will Talib tell a story about a crazy post-Super Bowl party with the Broncos? We don't know yet, but finding out will be the fun part.