AP Stylebook Wages War Against Hackneyed Sportswriting

By Ty Duffy

The AP Stylebook updated its sports guidelines. The directive to avoid “hackneyed words and phrases, redundancies and exaggerations” could be agonizing for many.

A sports loss can no longer be referred to as a “disaster.” Is it even a ball game if one can’t compare the result to a calamitous loss of life?

The AP is addressing the “unanswered points…that were later answered” scourge. *begins slow clap*

The baseball writing update seems a bit outdated. Nerdy guys wizard dueling with advanced statistic acronym jargon rarely use “dingers.” The TBL Stylebook will still be accepting “A-Bombs…from A-Rod.”

Sadly, no directive from the style gods to write about “sports” or at least “something that isn’t yourself.”  We presume our old, couple times cracked opn copy from journalism school is still up to date for all this hot off the presses horse racing copy?