Antonio Brown Posting Texts With Bruce Arians, His Own Banking Information

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown / Elsa/GettyImages

Antonio Brown continues to act erratically and decent people everywhere sincerely hope that he finds peace soon. A laundry list of incidents have eliminated his ability to get the benefit of the doubt, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't look inward and try to find some humanity in covering whatever the hell is going on with the mercurial wide receiver. He's making news again this morning and we're covering it because, as of this moment, he is still a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and it's still extremely newsworthy even as things shift over to the sideshow portion of the program.

ESPN's Jenna Laine helpfully catalogued Brown's early-morning social media content, which is all over the place.

If you're scoring this one at home, Brown landed a direct hit to Arians' credibility if those are indeed authentic messages. Whatever he was trying to prove about Alex Guerrero missed the mark because Tom Brady's trainer comes off as an agreeable, fair person. Plus the whole Here's My Routing Number element tends to distract from the message.

For anyone naive enough to think this whole mess was going to go away quietly, there's some swampland you may be interested in at a very reasonable price. Also, how does hearing about the exciting world of Fort Myers timeshares sound?