All Three of Soccer Player Antoine Griezmann's Children Have Been Born on Rex Manning Day

What? / Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

Erika Choperena, the wife of Barcelona's Antoine Griezmann, gave birth to the couple's third child today. In what can only be described as an insane coincidence, the other two kids were also born on April 8. For fans of combined birthday parties, this is a dream. For those of us looking for answers in a seemingly random universe, it is a nightmare.

Obviously for the Griezmann family, it's a happy day. And why wouldn't it be? Today is April 8. Today is Rex Manning Day.

What are the odds? Having three kids on the same day in three different years is wild enough, but for it to happen on one of the legitimate 90's nostalgia dates ironically celebrated annually on Twitter? Well, that's just too much. And it doesn't end there.

Today is also the day that the pirates boarded Captain Phillips' boat. And in a weird nod to Griezmann, it is the day that Brian "Spilner" got arrested for speeding. Three times.

Why April 8th? What is it about 4/8, which just so happens to be the first two numbers that so frequently appeared in LOST? Why do those numbers so frequently appear in popular culture and what does it have to do with Antoine Griezmann, a player who wears number 7 and was born on 3/21?

Oh no. Looks like we've got a Groundhog Day situation developing. Let's just log off and watch Empire Records.