Anthony Richardson Casually Switches Hands, Throws Left-Handed Pass Under Pressure

Anthony Richardson
Anthony Richardson /

Anthony Richardson's generational athletic traits were on display early on Sunday afternoon. The fourth overall pick in this year's draft scored two rushing touchdowns in the first six minutes of the Indianapolis Colts' matchup with the Houston Texans. Later in the first quarter he did something that we very rarely see from a quarterback at any level.

With the ball in his own end on first-and-10, Richardson dropped back to pass and was quickly set upon by Texans defenders. He moved around in the pocket a bit before he started to scramble to his left in an attempt to make something happen. As several Houston defensive linemen closed in on Richardson, he went to throw the ball away and realized he would have trouble getting the throw off with his right hand. So he made the split-second decision to switch to his left hand and threw it out of bounds. And it was a pretty good pass, too!

This may not seem super remarkable but the awareness required to know he had to switch, much less the dexterity, is very rare even amongst NFL athletes.

The next step is obviously completing one of those passes and then Richardson can start rising up the power rankings of quarterbacks who can do insane things even faster than he already is.