Anthony Richardson Mocked No. 1 Overall, Together We Can Get Weirder

Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

It's NFL mock draft season, which is delightful because it presents the opportunity for impressively creative people to find new ways to slice, dice, and parcel out content. A tried-and-true method is to put a surprise name at the very top of the speculative listing because it will get the people buzzing. So fair play to CBS Sports' Chris Trapasso, who yesterday looked into a crystal ball and saw the Indianapolis Colts making a trade with the Chicago Bears to move up to No. 1 and select ... Anthony Richardson.

Trapasso writes: "I think Richardson is going to emphatically remove the lid from Lucas Oil Stadium at the NFL combine. That will lead to the Colts taking a chance on him, given the hiring of former Eagles Shane Steichen as head coach. Richardson has similarities to Jalen Hurts and All-Pro upside."

Oh, hell yes. The team that falls madly and blindly in love with the Big Arm. A tale as old as time with a long list of regrettable results. The Tobias Fünke meme of thinking it's never worked in the past but could just work for us.

An ol' Command-F on Walter Football's drafting database does not exactly light up a world of yellow when you search Richardson's name. Every year brings with it someone who makes a late push to become the belle of the ball and the Florida quarterback's considerable gifts make him a strong contender.

At the same time, there's no way this is happening. If it does, I promise to do something stupid — like eat an alligator or allow an alligator to eat me.

Until then, let's use this as a chance to offer a challenge. Let's get crazier with some No. 1 overall projections. Richardson is pretty wacky but there's plenty of more bizarre meat on the bone. Throw a consensus fourth-rounder up there just to see how far the lines can be pushed. There are still like two month's to the real draft and we need the entertainment.