Anthony Davis is Apparently the Only Laker Who Knows How to Work an HDMI Cord

LeBron James and Anthony Davis
LeBron James and Anthony Davis / Pool/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers have struggled most out of the potential championship contenders down in the bubble. Their defense has stayed as stingy as it was during the regular season, but LeBron James and Co. are having a lot of trouble producing on the offensive end. They looked a bit like the Lakers of the regular season when they beat the Denver Nuggets last night, but that's before you remember they needed a last-second 3-pointer by Kyle Kuzma to win and played the fourth quarter against backups.

But that's neither here nor there. I have more important information to present to you, courtesy of Yahoo's Chris Hayes, one of the reporters cleared to be in the Orlando bubble for its duration. He revealed the Lakers have been using Anthony Davis' room as a gathering spot to hang out because, A) he has a suite and B) is apparently the only guy who knows how to hook up his computer to the television. Via Hayes:

"Anthony Davis’ hotel room has unexpectedly been utilized as the Los Angeles Lakers’ gathering spot for special events, sources told Yahoo Sports. The team has gathered there to watch the popular “Verzuz” rap battles between Snoop Dogg and DMX, and 2 Chainz and Rick Ross, and to hold its Madden tournament. Approached about the assemblies and why his room was chosen as the designated setting, Davis explained. “I’m one of the few who has a suite and I’m the tech guy of the team who knows how to set up all the devices and connect them to the TV,” the star forward told Yahoo Sports. “LeBron [James] is a big Snoop Dogg fan and actually a big DMX fan, and so my room made sense. It started with that and then we just kept it going from there.”"

LeBron being a big DMX fan definitely lines up. I'm surprised he hasn't posted one of his patented minute-long Instagram stories bopping his head to X Gon Give It To Ya.

It is funny, though, that Davis seems to be the only one capable of using an HDMI cord, which is all you need to hook most devices up to a standard television. I'm sure he's not actually, but it's enjoyable to imagine the "old heads" of the team like LeBron or Dwight Howard or Danny Green struggling with all those damn plugs trying to watch DMX v. Snoop Dogg.

Kyle Kuzma is around Davis' age so he could probably get the job done. Alex Caruso is young, too, but it wouldn't surprise anyone if he lived his life like the 40-year-old he can look like with his fading hairline.

The news of the day is often terrible. I hope this cleansed your palate for a brief, blissful moment.