You Could Not Trick Me By Putting a Famous Person in Disguise And Sending Them Undercover to Be Funny


These will surely be famous last words or an old take to expose but I have something to say about this video of Anthony Anderson, star of stage and screen, going undercover for PGA of America as wacky reporter Mack Weathers and other stunts similar ilk.

I wouldn't fall for them. Go ahead and send whomever you want in a barely-there disguise and think that I won't ruin everything by loudly saying "oh hey, it's the guy from the thing" because you can rest assured knowing that will be my only goal. Work is a very serious place and we will not stand for such nonsense.

That said, it's an entertaining few minutes.

Just saying, minutes into this I would be peppering Anderson about questions pertaining to his work on Blackish, his criminally underrated turn on Law & Order partnering with Jeremy Sisto and do you remember he was also in The Departed? Everyone would be wondering why all of these questions were being aimed at some guy named Mack with a very real looking beard and the whole thing would be ruined. Same thing with Eli Manning. I would have yelled holy crap it's Eli Manning as he was introducing himself as Chad Powers. I would interrupt whatever Karl Havoc was endeavoring to do and offer to get him out of all that stuff he was wearing.

Built different. Not a brag, just telling it how it is.