Another Sunday at a Buffalo Bills Game: 98 Tickets, 26 Arrests, 2 DWIs, 2 Teachers Busted Having Sex


According to the Buffalo News, the crowd was a special kind of unruly Sunday: 98 driving tickets were handed out after the game (DWI, driving while on the phone, speeding, seat belts, etc), 26 people were arrested at the game (various misdemeanors and violations), and then this happened: Two elementary school teachers were busted having sex in the bathroom. (This isn’t the first time that’s happened in Buffalo.)

"Erie County sheriff’s deputies charged Michael France, 38, of Ridge Road, Lockport, and Jennifer Rotella, 35, of Curtis Avenue, Lockport. They were among 26 people arrested on various misdemeanors and violations at the Bills game against the Tennessee Titans. The district is looking into reports that the two elementary teachers were having sex in one of the bathrooms at Ralph Wilson Stadium."

Just a guess, but the teachers could be on the unemployment by week’s end. If not, can you picture back-to-school night? Hey, you’re the teacher who …

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