Anonymous White Sox Teammates Complained About Adam LaRoche's Son


Adam LaRoche and the Chicago White Sox had a bit of a falling out when team vice president Ken Williams told LaRoche that he couldn’t bring his son to the clubhouse on a regular basis. LaRoche chose to retire and forfeit $13,000,000 instead of leave his son at home. Teammates – specifically Chris Sale – spoke out about the unfairness of the situation. USA TODAY’s Bob Nightengale spoke with some officials from the White Sox and guess what? Some of the White Sox didn’t want Drake LaRoche around so much. Via USA TODAY:

"Several players and staff members privately complained to White Sox management recently about the constant presence of LaRoche’s 14-year-old son, Drake, in the clubhouse. Drake LaRoche, multiple people say, was with the team about 120 games during the 2015 season."

And here is what LaRoche said in his long Twitter statement yesterday:

"Though I clearly indicated to both teams the importance of having my son with me, I also made clear that if there was ever a moment when a teammate, coach or manager was made to feel uncomfortable, then I would immediately address it. I realize that this is their office and their career, and it would not be fair to the team if anybody in the clubhouse was unhappy with the situation. Fortunately, that problem never developed."

If you’re wondering why none of LaRoche’s teammates ever spoke to LaRoche directly about it, consider how he reacted to management saying something. Meanwhile, those who are brave enough to speak…