Angry Belgian Soccer Manager Produces Funny Fail Walking Down Stadium Tunnel


Anderlecht defeated Charleroi over the weekend in Belgian Pro League soccer which I’m sure everyone reading this site recorded on their DVRs and re-watched a couple times. Winning manager Besnik Hasi apparently didn’t approve of his team’s effort. Despite winning 1-0 the 42-year-old Albanian decided to take his frustrations out on a bag of balls sitting inside the Anderlecht tunnel.

Whoops. (Sad trombone.)

Google translate from this Belgian site provides this delightful statement:

“In short, Besnik Hasi Anderlecht hope to quickly improve their level of play. History of not finishing the season with a tailbone pieces.”

Yep, that should be the goal of all professional sports teams, to finish the season with their tailbone pieces.

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