Andy Reid Laughs Off Question About Taylor Swift-Joe Biden Conspiracy

Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

Super Bowl LVIII (Taylor's Version) is mercifully just days away but that is still so much time for pure insanity. Some of that continued today as Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid took questions from reporters and the conversation, as it so often does, drifted away from sports toward pop culture. Someone covering the game from German put forth a dozy, referencing the legitimately hard-to-explain or believe conspiracy theories surrounding Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, the upcoming election and hey does anyone else smell burnt toast?

Reid handled the situation like a pro, saying he appreciates the question but the answer is way out of his league — like him speaking German.

Yet just when one wild theory gets debunked, another opens. Did you hear that part at the end there, where Reid said they had a nice visit with Joe Biden last year? That's going to cause problems when people realize the Chiefs visited the White House. Because if you were going to concoct a plan that certainly doesn't exist like this one, that's exactly where you'd do it.

Slightly unrelated: all of this chatter is making me reconsider my Kansas City pick. There's just no way the Chiefs get the better whistle after all the accusations of engineering that conveniently forget Patrick Mahomes is their quarterback and their defense is sick. It's not right but it feels true.