Andy Reid, Matt Patricia Compete for Best Shirt at NFL League Meeting


The NFL’s annual league meeting is underway in Orlando and one lucky photographer was given the task of herding 29 of the 32 head coaches into one spot for a picture. The result is above. What a group.

It appears a consensus on smiling or looking tough was not reached. Jon Gruden, for example, is sporting his trademark scowl. Dan Quinn looks like your mom’s new boyfriend Keith who doesn’t appreciate fun. Sean McVay, a Millennial, isn’t wearing any socks with his dress shoes. One can practically see Mike Zimmer counting the seconds until this is all over and he can watch more film.

But the real standouts are Andy Reid and Matt Patricia, who clearly set out to wear the loudest shirt and straddle both comfort and style. Reid’s Hawaiian look is delightful, but don’t sleep on the bowling-league-ness of the rookie Lions coach’s grab.

Truly magnificent.