Andy Dalton Gets Hurt Running Out of Bounds, Justin Fields Takes His Place [UPDATE]

Andy Dalton and Justin Fields
Andy Dalton and Justin Fields / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

After Week 1's disastrous performance, the call for Justin Fields to replace Andy Dalton as starter has only grown louder from the Chicago Bears' faithful. Matt Nagy refused to budge and said Dalton is the starter for Week 2's game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Dalton played well enough in the first quarter of that game, throwing a TD pass to Allen Robinson. But then he scrambled out of the pocket in the second quarter and pulled up as he was running out of bounds. Upon replay, it seemed Dalton tweaked his ankle. Fields is now in.

This is Fields' moment to seize the job and never give it back. Dalton has Nagy's support but there's no way the head coach will continue to back up Dalton if Fields plays well today.

The future of the franchise now his his first shot to run the show. Let's see how it goes.

UPDATE: Team doctors appear to have declared Dalton ready to go and he took the field very shortly after he left it. Fields is still waiting for his shot.

UPDATE: In another twist to this situation, Dalton went to the locker room after his first series back following his injury. Which means, for the rest of the half at least, it is the Justin Fields show.