Andrew Wiggins' Cavs Jersey Is "Discontinued" at NBA Store

Ryan Glasspiegel

Andrew Wiggins’ jersey is discontinued at the NBA Store, as discovered by BC Cleveland last night. A search for “Andrew Wiggins” on the NBA’s official apparel site re-directs to the “draft gear” page. The only Wiggins item on there now is a t-shirt, but there are jerseys available for later picks Jabari Parker, Dante Exum, Doug McDermott, Marcus Smart, Julius Randle, and Nik Stauskas. (The screengrab above can be found if you get to this page through Google.)

Surely, that’s all just a massive coincidence.

Update: An NBA rep wrote to say that Wiggins’ jerseys are “sold out,” not discontinued:

"Wiggins’ jersey is actually sold out, not discontinued. There is a temporary period on the store site, before sold out items are pulled, where merchandise is listed as discontinued. This happens for all sold out items and applies in the case of Wiggins’ jerseys. For fans looking to get a Wiggins jersey immediately, they can do so by ordering a customized Cavaliers jerseys. His name and number can be selected from a drop-down menu. A Wiggins fashion replica jerseys will also be made available on the site this week. All regular home, road and alternate Wiggins jerseys are schedule to arrive on October 1 in time for start of season."

I suppose we’ll see about that.

Update II: The rep sends along a link to another Wiggins jersey, which will ship by October 1st, whether or not he’s traded before then. The orders for the jersey are cancelable.

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