Andrew Marchand Leaving New York Post for The Athletic

Craig T Fruchtman/GettyImages

Everybody wants to cover sports media but the real white whale is covering those who cover sports media and this morning brings seismic news for the niche audience that cares about this type of thing. Two-time TBL Sports Media Reporter of the Year Andrew Marchand has announced that he is leaving the New York Post and joining The Athletic.

Marchand, who re-joined the Post six years ago after a stint covering the New York Yankees for ESPN, has consistently been among the league leaders — if not far ahead of the pack — in terms of finding scoops. His opinions matter to a lot of decision-makers even if we don't agree with him all the time. Take, for instance, how much discussion he generated with his final column for the tabloid that explored what's going on with the Jim Nantz-Tony Romo broadcast.

The somewhat surprising news comes hot on the heels of John Ourand, one of Marchand's most formidable adversaries and former podcast partner, left Sports Business Journal to join Puck. Things are moving pretty quickly around this league and there's no offseason. Or perhaps this is the offseason and that's why there's a lot of movement.

One of the biggest takeaways here is that The Athletic just got a hell of a lot deeper and scary in terms of breaking news and breaking down broadcasts. Marchand can now play off ball and let savvy veteran Richard Deitsch handle the point. Or the other way around. Anything is possible. The point is that one outlet has two of the top players at the position. And it's not like there's a single ball to share. The internet is infinite — there's always room for content.