Andrew Luck is Probably Enjoying His 30th Birthday Like Never Before


Andrew Luck has quickly and quietly reclused himself completely from the public eye since his stunning retirement announcement during the Colts preseason game against the Bears on August 24.

He gave an emotional press conference that night, explained why it hurt hearing the fans boo him, said the constant rehab led to this decision and then retreated into anonymity as fast as he used to avoid pass rushers barreling toward him.

He has no social media, so there are no updates from him about what he’s up to on a daily basis now. He also has been incredible at staying away from the paparazzi throughout his career, so now that he’s retired to the private sector, there haven’t been any of those updates either.

And yet today, September 12, 2019, is his 30th birthday, and I couldn’t help but wonder what Andrew Luck is up to. After all, this must be his first birthday since he was in high school (or maybe even earlier) where football wasn’t his primary focus. That’s roughly 16 straight birthdays where, while I’m sure there were parties and good times, he couldn’t enjoy himself fully the way others do. Now he’s an adult who can do what he wants, where he wants, how he wants and answer to no one but himself. Gotta be great and weird all at the same time.

It would be conjecture, of course, to guess where he is and what he’s doing today. He seems more like a stay-at-home-with-the-family-for-a-nice-meal kinda guy to me, but who knows. Maybe he’s in Maui surfing or Thailand meditating or some other far-away place learning more about the world.

But regardless of where he is, he’s likely content with his decision, happy for the freedom and enjoying the fruits of his labor (like $100 million worth). Most of all, he’s likely thrilled he doesn’t have to rehab this birthday, which he likely had to do every birthday since he was drafted in 2012, and possibly even before that at Stanford.

And I guess that’s the point. No matter where Andrew Luck is, he’s probably enjoying this milestone birthday more than any birthday he’s had in a long, long time. Ice cream cake, a big lobster tail poached in butter, burgers and dogs, whatever floats his boat on his birthday, just like a normal person’s life, which Luck seems to be quickly assimilating to.