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Andrew Luck is Once Again a Top 5 Quarterback, And It Is Bittersweet


Many were starting to wonder if Andrew Luck’s best days were already behind him after a serious shoulder injury that kept him out for all of last year, and an arm that looked diminished. Fast forward to today, where Luck is back to being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and as seeing that leaves a bittersweet taste, and thoughts of “what if.”

Luck just made a joke out of the Titans, who had the fifth-ranked defense coming into the game. Luck now stands at second in the NFL, behind on Patrick Mahomes, with 29 touchdown passes. Luck has not only returned to his former self, he is even better.

Luck has been able to adjust to almost anything defensive coordinators have thrown at him with his excellence both pre-snap and when the plays breaks down. As Albert Breer showed today, this is a result of incredible awareness:

And again:

Luck’s first 80 games are on pace with some of the NFL greatest quarterbacks of all-time joining only Aaron Rodgers and Dan Marino as the only to throw at least 160 touchdowns in that time (h/t

As long as Luck stays healthy, there are only a small amount of teams that have a better option than the Colts at the most important position in the NFL. It is only the Packers, Saints, and Chiefs who should feel better, with Tom Brady crossing 40 years old and playing at a much lower level as things stand today.

Luck has a now-dominating Colts offensive line, and we are seeing what he can be with just a little bit of help. And while this is all great news for Colts fans, it should actually make them sigh. This is the first season he has had even a decent line. Luck has been forced to spend his career running away from defenders and taking vicious shots. Not to mention, having to sit through days with Trent Richardson as his running back. His first coach, Chuck Pagano, did him no favors as one of the NFL worst coaches. This season has also showed how Luck can score with the NFL’s best, but still has to deal with an awful defense like he has always had to do.

Who knows what Luck’s legacy would have been if they could have surrounded him with better support, but it sure seemed like he was well on his way to winning MVPs and playoff games. Now, the story is his comeback.

Take that as you wish.