Remembering When Andrew Giuliani Was a Chris Farley Character on 'Saturday Night Live'

Chris Farley as Andrew Giuliani on "Saturday Night Live"
Chris Farley as Andrew Giuliani on "Saturday Night Live" /

Andrew Giuliani is trending today after he made a statement about his father Rudy's office and home being raided by federal agents. Giuliani's awkward press conference defending his dad reminded some of the fact that he was played Chris Farley in several Saturday Night Live sketches back in the 90s.

Here's what Giuliani said to the assembled media on Wednesday:

Apparently he can't pronounce "politicization" properly and called it "polititation" for some reason. The first thing this scene reminded me of was this Will Ferrell character once he gets angry:

But is also reminded many of Farley's portrayal of the young Giuliani. If you're not aware, when Rudy was sworn in as mayor of New York City in 1994, Andrew's antics upstaged him and made national headlines:

SNL was quick to mock that, picking Farley to portray young Andrew. You can find the original sketch at this link, a terrible-quality version of it is below:

The original sketch was such a hit, SNL decided to put together a follow up:

And now whenever Andrew Giuliani talks I keep waiting for a line drive from Will Clark to ricochet off his zygomatic bone.