Detroit Tigers Pitcher Zones Out During On-Air Interview, Ends Up Looking Even More Charming


Andrew Chafin pitched one inning during the Detroit Tigers' Spring Training game against the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday afternoon. When he was done he stopped to talk to Dan Petry during the Bally Sports broadcast of the game. The interview touched on a number of subjects, including the wedding venue that Chafin wants to build on his property in Ohio where he can overcharge his recently engaged teammates. Though the true highlight of the interview came when Petry asked about his slider and getting mentally prepared for the season.

Watching Chafin's face as the question drags on is truly amazing. If you watch his eyes you can see the exact moment he gets lost. And within a few seconds he has gone full Diedrich Bader. Disoriented. Confused. But ultimately comfortable enough in his own skin to say you totally lost me there, bro. Maybe it's just the hair and mustache combo, but there's something incredibly charming about this entire exchange.

Here's the entire interview if you'd like to know more about potential wedding venues in Ohio.

May we all have the courage to say this in a meeting at work whenever we zone out.