Andre Johnson Signs a 3-year, $21 Million Deal with the Colts, Who Are "Winning" Free Agency


Andre Johnson.

Frank Gore.

Trent Cole.

Kendall Langford.

The Indianapolis Colts are getting older, but they’re also collecting some of the best veteran free agents in a quest to help Andrew Luck get to his 1st Super Bowl. Two of them are on offense; the Colts could only muster seven points against the Patriots in the AFC Title game.

Yes, Gore turns 32 in May and Cole turns 33 in October and Johnson turns 34 in July. For the trio, their best football is certainly behind them. But they can still be pivotal pieces to the puzzle in Indianapolis, which is definitely closing the gap on the Patriots, Broncos and Ravens in the AFC.

There are still questions about the defense that must be addressed in the draft, and one wonders if they’ll still need to select a running back – though Melvin Gordon or Todd Gurley in the 1st round seems extremely unlikely right now.

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