Andre Iguodala Airballs Game-Tying Shot vs. Nuggets, Lets Down Warriors and Max Kellerman

Andre Iguodala
Andre Iguodala / Maddie Malhotra/GettyImages

Max Kellerman spewed a lot of takes of various temperatures in the five years he spent sparring Stephen A. Smith on First Take. There is one take, however, that Kellerman will never live down. It's his hottest take ever. The take he will be remembered for.

"I want Iguodala!"

It is, perhaps, the funniest take of all time. Molly Querim Rose was just asking who he'd want to take a game-winner and Kellerman ratcheted the stakes up to 1000 by adding in Martians and a death ray. The year was 2019, and Andre Iguodala shot 33 percent from three-point land on 2.1 shots per game while Stephen Curry nailed 43 percent of his tries from deep that year on a hilarious 11 attempts per game. The two are not even in the same stratosphere as shot-takers. Yet Kellerman bravely stuck to his guns and rested his laurels on the unquantifiable "clutch" factor that he believed Iguodala had over Curry.

The reason we bring all this up is because the Warriors were forced to choose Iguodala over Curry on a game-deciding shot last night. It was not quite "fate of the universe" stuff, given it was a late December game against the Denver Nuggets on a Tuesday. But Golden State needed it. They were down by three with only two seconds to go in the final frame. Curry did his thing, sprinting all over the court, but Iguodala couldn't find him on the inbound. So he dished it to Kevon Looney, who cannot shoot and thus passed it back to Iguodala for the game-tying shot.

Complete airball.

It is a very narrow Venn diagram of interests for people who remember Kellerman's take and watched a midseason, midweek Western Conference game. But for those who reside there, it's perfection. We've been waiting years for this to happen. And it finally did.

"I want Iguodala" will rattle around my brain for years. Now, so will this utterly inconsequential shot. Sports are great.