Andre Drummond Says Lakers Criticism Was Just Promotion For His NFT Collection

Los Angeles Lakers v Washington Wizards
Los Angeles Lakers v Washington Wizards / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Andre Drummond publicly criticized Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel this week. The two-time All-Star claimed in an Instagram comment that he could have dominated in the paint for the Lakers if Vogel had played him more.

Skip Bayless even got in on the act, referring to the 27-year-old center as "Kareem Abdul-Drummond".

Yeah. That's a thing that actually happened. In the public eye.

It turns out, Drummond is just a marketing genius. It was apparently all a plan, as he was getting his name in the news before releasing an NFT collection on Friday.

He went on ESPN's The Jump on Thursday and essentially said he was just trying to get into headlines before dropping his NFT. He further explained that he had a great experience with the Lakers and learned a lot from being around LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Drummond also spoke of his time with the Lakers as if it was in the past, so it looks like the two parties are headed in different directions.

Basically, to sum up, we're now at a point where players are starting controversy on social media solely to pump up products they're pushing. It's a brave new world.